Thursday, June 30, 2011

not so hungry

About two months ago we began trying to give Gus solid food.  The first day we gave him rice cereal and he was pretty good about it.  
We took pictures and all had a grand ol' time.
Of course, Jimmy wanted to help.

He did better than I remember Jimmy ever doing so I perhaps got overly excited.  Ever since then it has all been down hill.  He has so little interest in anything soft.   He makes this grossed out face when I give him apple sauce and then continues to make gagging noises and often times throw up whatever actually made it down.  I am jealous of those people who say once they give there kids food that they will start sleeping better because this guy still loves waking up a lot.  I have a feeling he is actually hungry, but he just doesn't like this puree business for some reason.  I got him some little puffy snacks that dissolve easily, but those only seem to serve as entertainment when he is in his high chair and not really a belly filler.  Jimmy was never that interested in the soft stuff either and it does make a mess, but now I just need to figure out what Gus can handle without choking.  Mostly, he likes to eat little bits of things he finds on the ground.


  1. Hey Mary,
    We recently started giving Eliot solid food, too, and I found that you don't really need to puree everything. I was eating a peach while holding him and decided to just let him take a small bite out of it. Turns out he loved it! Same thing with a banana! Just be watchful he doesn't take too big of a bite.


  2. Leo, you made my day by leaving me a comment. I love when I find out friends actually read this. I kind of get over excited for comments. Thanks for the advice. Gus pretty much munches away on whatever we give him now and he hasn't choked yet. Zach wants to give him everything and anything, but I have to control him sometimes. It still seems like eating is just a novelty though and Gus is getting most of his meals from nursing. We will have to have our little guys meet someday. Thanks again.