Wednesday, April 30, 2014

mud fort

If you have a large area of dirt in your yard that just doesn't like to grow grass, I say take advantage of it.
 Some dinosaurs came out to fight the army men that were defending the castle.
 Note to anyone who may try this sort of thing: Only let your kids use toys that you don't mind never seeing again since they may very well sink into the mud.  I thought I had warned my kids about this, but there is a missing Power Ranger who may have had some tears cried over his loss.
Sometimes you just need to get muddy.

Monday, April 7, 2014

st. patty's day block party 2014

For the last six years my dad and brother-in-law have turned my sister's garage into an Irish pub for the neighborhood St. Patty's block party.  This may be the last year they ever do it, so my dad made this homage to the pubs and the real ones that inspired them.
Damn impressive. I wish I could take credit for some of it, but I can't.
This year's Quay's Bar was pretty awesome. We were happy to be joined by lots of fun family and friends for a great party.

As usual, Nora was a popular gal...
Lots of people stopped by the pub photo booth wall for some good times...
They moved the bar up against the house this year (this was probably to help deter traffic from trying to use the real toilets instead of the port-a-potties, but it didn't stop me! Haha!)  There was a special window for getting drinks this year, too.  
And there was a crazy old man bartender back there all day and night.
The pub was really quite lovely inside.
But I don't think they were doing a very good job of carding...
We had a grand old time dancing the night away and listening to the band with a few friends that were troopers until late in the night... including my baby.
My Dad did his annual rendition of "Courtin' in the Kitchen."
Yes he forgot the words at some point, but it really wouldn't be the same if he didn't.
It was a lovely night to be out celebrating.
It was so much fun, but by the end of the night we all wished we could be passed out like Nora...
May the Luck of the Irish be with you, too!