Wednesday, April 2, 2014

gus' guardian angel

One night, I heard glass break and Gus scream.  I came into the living room to see a shattered window and Gus stuck between the couch and the window. 
 I rushed to pull him out, but found no sign of blood.  Actually there was not even a scratch on him.  I asked him why he was crying and he said because he was stuck.  Apparently he had been jumping (which is forbidden) on the couch by the window and bounced off.  He made a perfect head shaped hole in the window, but all the glass went outside.  I told him his guardian angel must have been watching over him and keeping him safe.  I guess this was the first time I had referred to this because he has mentioned it many times since.  Unfortunately, he now seems to think that this means his guardian angel will always keep him safe.    I told him that was not the case and that he still has to be careful.  Then mom and dad had some wine to celebrate not going to the ER that night.

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