Saturday, September 19, 2009

nano and nana

Two of Jimmy's favorite people in the world came to visit recently--Nano and Nana. We hadn't seen Zach's dad since Christmas time seeing as he has been in Iraq since February. It was so good to finally hug him. Jimmy ran and gave them both huge hugs at the airport, but was slightly disappointed that he didn't get to go on a airplane to Nana's house. He felt a little better when I told him he could show them his house this time. He was literally bouncing off of the walls when they got here. And I do not use the word literally lightly. He wanted to show them his "Pooh Bed" and then continued to jump on it and run into the wall numerous times. Who can blame him-- he does get a lot of attention from them. We took them to some fun places; pretty much everywhere had a pool or fountain for Jimmy to run around in which is good since it is still pretty hot here right now.

Scottsdale Civic Center


The Phoenix Zoo

Find the Lizard Below
This is how close you can get to the monkeys. You walk inside their habitat and they are literally running all around you. Jimmy tried to reach out and grab this one.
The splash-pad at the Zoo complete with caves, a waterfall, and water-slides--pretty awesome.

I am not saying the kids didn't have fun with the rest of the Zoo, but after we sat down for lunch they played in the dirt and leaves for a really long time and were completely happy.

Hope to see you again soon Nana and Nano!

aunt lala

Jimmy calls Zach's sister Angela, "Aunt Lala." This used to be because it was all he could say, but we thought it was cute so now we just refer to her as that. Lala briefly came to visit us with her friend Eileen on their way on a cross-country road trip from Louisianna to California to Wisconsin to West Virginia (with a bunch of other places in between). They only stayed one night with us, so we didn't take a lot of pictures. Here are a few from Camelback Mountain:

The mission church in Old Town Scottsdale

And we did get to eat at Los Olivos, which is my favorite Mexican Restaurant in the world. Jimmy was excited because we sat by the fish tank.
(When we don't we just end up spending most of our time walking back to see it a million times).
Love You Angie! Come visit when it isn't so hot sometime!