Saturday, September 19, 2009

aunt lala

Jimmy calls Zach's sister Angela, "Aunt Lala." This used to be because it was all he could say, but we thought it was cute so now we just refer to her as that. Lala briefly came to visit us with her friend Eileen on their way on a cross-country road trip from Louisianna to California to Wisconsin to West Virginia (with a bunch of other places in between). They only stayed one night with us, so we didn't take a lot of pictures. Here are a few from Camelback Mountain:

The mission church in Old Town Scottsdale

And we did get to eat at Los Olivos, which is my favorite Mexican Restaurant in the world. Jimmy was excited because we sat by the fish tank.
(When we don't we just end up spending most of our time walking back to see it a million times).
Love You Angie! Come visit when it isn't so hot sometime!

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  1. He can read?!?! What an intelligent little boy!