Monday, October 28, 2013

favorite picture

If you know me then you know that once October hits, my life is crazy.  I am trying to do some catch up, so just to get things rolling, I thought I would share my favorite picture to date.  It is already framed in my house and features my four favorite people:
So many little things I love about it in addition to the people themselves.  Of course, this is Zach at his finest- tongue out, reading one of his very favorites.  Jimmy is being goofy and enjoying the book (and seemingly about to put his Dad's glasses in his mouth).  Gus is a little cozier and has just a little bit of tongue out has he gives his sister a little rub because he just can't resist.  Nora is obviously very aware of me taking her picture (this was just about when she really started smiling at people).  I love those moments when they can all be happy at the same time.  They seem infrequent, but they do happen.  The fact that I caught it on film is a small miracle.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

vacation withdrawl

Nobody really wanted to come home from our vacation.
Jimmy and Finn were so sad to leave the ranch in Colorado that they spent a whole day rebuilding it out of Playmobiles and Lincoln Logs.
They picked Playmobil boys to be both of them and had them walk across "the old creaky bridge."
Of course, they also had to fall in and hang on for dear life.
(this is a dramatic recreation only and not a representation of true events)
This bridge was actually the highlight of our homecoming.  Jimmy had saved up all his money to buy it and it was waiting on our doorstep when we got back.  I guess home isn't so bad.