Monday, October 28, 2013

favorite picture

If you know me then you know that once October hits, my life is crazy.  I am trying to do some catch up, so just to get things rolling, I thought I would share my favorite picture to date.  It is already framed in my house and features my four favorite people:
So many little things I love about it in addition to the people themselves.  Of course, this is Zach at his finest- tongue out, reading one of his very favorites.  Jimmy is being goofy and enjoying the book (and seemingly about to put his Dad's glasses in his mouth).  Gus is a little cozier and has just a little bit of tongue out has he gives his sister a little rub because he just can't resist.  Nora is obviously very aware of me taking her picture (this was just about when she really started smiling at people).  I love those moments when they can all be happy at the same time.  They seem infrequent, but they do happen.  The fact that I caught it on film is a small miracle.