Saturday, November 2, 2013

a few more favorites

Part of the reason I get so behind in blogging is because it takes me so very long to weed through all my pictures.  I am grateful for the age of digital photography because it makes getting good photos so much easier, but it can become time consuming trying to decide which one is the best in a group of almost identical pictures.  I have always joked about the terrible baby pictures of me that always caught me making the goofiest faces, but I realize my parents probably had one roll of 24 pictures so they had to make it last.  Even if your eyes were crossed or you had your tongue hanging out, that pictures was going in the album.  I often get those kind when taking pictures of Nora, but they certainly won't get printed.  It actually gives me hope that I was a cuter baby than I have always thought.  I have begun making Nora's baby book and my perfectionist tendencies get the best of me.  Sometimes I am jealous of people who can just be content with "okay."  Perhaps just for fun I should put one of her goofy faced pictures in her album just so she doesn't think she was always so perfect.  I think it might also be good for my own ego.  Anyway, for your viewing pleasure here are few favorites that might actually make it in the baby book.


  1. she's so cute! they're all so cute!

  2. oh my goodness! I love her little smile! I wish I had a baby book to make for D :(

    1. Jeanna, this is the one I got for Nora:
      It is a bit girly. My sister used this one for one of her boys and it is also really cute: