Saturday, November 16, 2013

gus' third birthday

Gus turned 3 on Oct. 24.  He was obviously pretty thrilled about it.
 He had gotten a special balloon and crown at Toys R Us the day before that was definitely one the highlights of the occasion for him.  I hung up blue streamers and balloons because it is his favorite color and when he came out in the morning he said, "It is so beautiful!"  I also gave him all blue utensils because he usually insists on them everyday and has a break down when he doesn't get them.  I figured at least this one day I can give him exactly what he wants.  He also insisted that McQueen and Dusty watch him eat.
 He opened one present in the morning from Mom and Dad which was some trains to add to the collection.
 One of the best presents was that Nana was in town for his birthday.
 We went out for a special lunch to Five and Diner with the Paul Girls.
Mimi and Johnny made a special visit as well.
And, of course, he had his favorite baby around to play with all day, too.

 And I made a brownie cake as per his specific request of having both McQueen and the Sheriff on it.
He and Jimmy both helped decorate it.
When I asked for a picture of him with it, these were the faces I got:
 That evening we had pizza and a small gathering of family and friends.
He got lots of nice gifts that he was very excited about.
 He loved having so many of his favorite people there.
(To Emily if you see this: note Dot's excitement and adorable expression in this one)
 I can't believe how big he is getting.
He is sweet and sensitive, but also really tough.
He cracks us up and tries our patience simultaneously.
He is a great little brother to Jimmy and big brother to Nora.
I love getting to hang out with him every day.
We love you so much Gussy!!

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