Wednesday, November 13, 2013

desert botantical garden pumpkin patch

With the help of our Phoenix Public Library Culture Passes we took advantage of the Pumpkin Patch at the Desert Botanical Gardens the week of Zach's fall break.  Not only did we get free admission, but we lucked out and Aunt Angie was able to come to town the day we went.  The government shut down had some perks.  
We figured that is was a special occasion and gave Jimmy the option of skipping school that day.  The decision weighed on him, but finally he decided he wouldn't want to miss out on the fun.  Although, he was concerned about what fun things would be going on at school, too.  At the end of the day, he told me he was happy with his decision. While it was not the best pumpkin patch ever (I mean it is in the middle of the desert), but it was really well done and cute.  AZ has some great ones that are a little far away and all really expensive so I never really want to make the effort or shell out the bucks.  This one is close to us and free if you know the secret.  I couldn't have been more pleased.  
 They had lots of games with fun prizes for the kids.
They had a few crafts.
And the most exciting part for most was probably the hayride
 Jimmy's favorite part was the hay maze.  He went through it three times, one of which was backwards.
The Kersting were the ones that told us about it in the first place so it was fun to have them their with us.  We were thankful for the invite.
 There was a petting zoo which never thrills me, but the kids love.
 We got a free pumpkin for each kid and they were allowed to decorate them. 
I liked that all the decoration options were not permanent so you could still take them home to carve them.
 All in all it was a great family outing.

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