Wednesday, November 6, 2013

off to kindergarten

I can't believe my oldest child started Kindergarten this year.  After a year of part time pre-school, I wasn't the most nervous and sad mom you ever saw, but I do miss him.  Gus probably misses him even more.  Jimmy couldn't be more happy.  He loves going every day and constantly tells me how much he loves school.  After much debate (and financial aid) we decided to send Jimmy to a Catholic School right near our house.  I am very happy with the choice we made.  I could elaborate for pages, but I won't.  I made out pretty well at the used uniform sale and the boys were so excited that they immediately put them on and packed backpacks and lunch boxes and played school ALL day.  I was worried that Gus was going to think he got to go, too.
Mom had to get out the camera and chronicle the first real day of school as well.  Fortunately, he isn't too embarrassed by me yet.
 One of the reasons we are so happy to be at our school is that my cousin has two boys there as well.  One is also in Kindergarten and the other is in second grade so Jimmy has lots of fun with them.  Carpooling is also great!
 After the first day of school, I treated the boys to a special ice cream date at Mary Coyle's.
 After the first full week, we had one last hurrah with the slip'n'slide.
 Gus was excited about Jimmy going to school until it very slowly sunk in that he was losing his playmate.  I could tell he was seeming sad and extra clingy to me, but it wasn't until somewhere is week two that he finally said, "I miss my brother."  He tries to get Nora to watch Sesame Street with him but it just isn't the same.
I feel bad when days go by when I haven't done much with him other than chores and errands.  His attitude reflects it as well.  I am trying to make a point to play with him at some point in the day or do something educational.  We do play lots of cars and his most recent favorite where he pretends to be Hercules (I usually have to be a monster, but sometimes when Jimmy is home I get to be Meg).  I do want him to get better at playing alone, but I also think he acts so much better if I just give him undivided time. Sometimes they need to be told to do their own thing for awhile, but it is such a hard balance.
 We do our own free-style version of homeschool pre-school and Gus has his alphabet down like a pro.  He has also gotten good at writing his own name and attempting to write others.
Good thing I have a few more years with this guy at home. He cracks me up every day.  He also cries almost everyday as well, but I can relate.  

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