Tuesday, November 5, 2013

baabee's 60th birthday

My dad turned 60 this year.  I have to say, the beard he has been sporting has been making him look his age,  but if you know him you will know that he will always seem young at heart.  There was talk (from Pete) about doing a roast with all Baabee's best friends, but that was vetoed.  We opted for a lower key family dinner at the best Mexican restaurant in the whole world and our all time family favorite, Los Olivos. It was a great family gathering.  We did get one picture of him with all his grandkids, but it is hard to keep them all still and not blurry. He sure is a good grandpa.  
This was the first time I put Nora in this dress.
My dad saw her and said, "That was your dress!"  I guess it was a flashback.
The mariachi band led us all in "Happy Birthday." Gus was on Dad's lap and blew out the candle so everyone around us kept telling Gus "Happy Birthday" which was confusing for him.
Then the kids all danced to the band, which was, of course, too cute.
After dinner we went over to the Civic Center Park to take some pictures in the Love sign.
And then for old time sake we let the kids let the kids run in the fountain just like my dad used to let us do.
Happy 60th Daddoo!... back in August that is.

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