Friday, November 25, 2011

a wild things birthday

So we had a "Where the Wild Things Are" Party this year for the boys' birthdays.  I bamboozled my friend Jessica into helping me plan it since her little boy Jonah's birthday is the day after Gus'.  We figured it would be an appropriate theme for a party for our three wild little boys.  There were lots of examples to follow on the internet, but we wanted to come up with a few ideas by ourselves to be original.  I made a Pinterest board to keep it all organized. We couldn't possibly do it all, but we were pretty happy with how it all turned out.  Honestly, I couldn't have done so much with out Jess.  Seeing as I tend to overextend myself on these things, it was really nice to have the help.  Of course, since the boys' birthdays are right on both sides of Halloween, costumes seemed necessary  (and, of course, I made different ones for Halloween, but that is another story about how I am crazy).  Jimmy was so excited for this day to come that he literally woke up at 2 am and refused to go back to sleep for two hours because he wanted to wake up for the party.  Gus stayed awake for the whole party and was surprisingly cheerful the whole time, despite his horrible night of sleep as well.  I was exhausted, but had a great time.  This time my insanity was worth it. 
"Let the Wild Rumpus Start"
 "That night in Max's room a forest grew..."
Our Party Favors
(Including "Where the Wild Things Are" pencils from the Target Dollar bin! Score.)
Some of our wild creations we found online.:
 Our "Terrible Teeth"
 The big cardboard box from Uncle Pete became a wild things cave.  
This last minute decision on my part was probably the hit of the party for the kids.
We had a story time and I read the book to the kids.  All the kids helped act like wild things and were really good at making a Rumpus.
  Oh, and Zach sort of likes scaring children by being a wild thing, too.
My friend Nicole also dressed up her little girls as wild things.
 Jimmy and Bradonna are pretty good at "Roaring their terrible roars, gnashing their terrible teeth, showing their terrible claws, and rolling their terrible eyes." 
 Gus was busy giving bike rides.
 "And an ocean tumbled by with a private boat for Max."
...and apparently a bunch of other people too.
My dad always comes through with something awesome and this time it was a giant Pin-the Tail on Max.
The best part was that the face popped out to make it into a photo booth:

My boys are cute and all, but this one was secretly my favorite:
For the cupcakes we just printed little cake toppers of Wild Things:
 Our Three Birthday Boys:
Jimmy turned 4, Jonah turned 2, and Gus turned 1.
 Jessica and Jonah:
 Gus ate his cake up, he loved it so. 
 I will eat them up, I love them so!!!
The green frosting was quite lovely on everyone.
Gus made it back into the costume to go out partying later that night, but he passed out on the way home so we took some funny pictures of him sleeping:
 And because we just couldn't get enough Wild Things, Aunt Angie and Jimmy made this Wild Things Pumpkin the next day.  
Now on to Halloween...


  1. What a great party!! I love all the Wild Things details.

  2. These are such great shots!!! This is the best party we've thrown together so far :). I also have to say Jimmy worked very hard coloring the card board. Like seriously hard!

  3. You are right Jess! I totally forgot to mention that Jimmy was my super helper when it came to making decorations. He cut out and strung so many leaves and we went through quite a few of his crayons and a lot of his paint. II think I have a little Scenic Designer on my hands. Although he does still say he wants to be a builder. Close enough. He can build sets with his mom.

  4. I love this whole party! You did a wonderful job. The costumes are perfect. The boat as the photo spot - too cute. But my favorite picture is the birthday boy napping. I showed these pictures to my kids and my Max LOVED it. He wants one of his own

  5. Brooke, your Max definitely deserves to be a "Max." Let me know if you are ever going to do it and I will send you some stuff.

  6. what a good mama! incredible! those teeth apples are genius

  7. Love it! Can I ask how your dad made the pin the tail on Max?

  8. My dad is a graphic designer so I get to reap the benefits of him having a very large printer. It is probably pretty expensive to buy a print that large (hence, I can't part with it and it is still hanging in my boys' room and probably will be until they ask to take it down). He found a high resolution image online that was big enough to print that large and then he mounted it on foam core. That is how the face came in and out so easily. You could probably do something simpler with cardboard if you are a good enough artist to draw it yourself. Good luck.

  9. Amazing party! I especially love the pin the tail on max. What are the dimensions of that? Going to try & replicate. Thanks!

  10. Hi! How cute is this party! Im planning my sons 1st bday and I'm doing the same theme! Ive been looking everywhere for a face cut out Photo Booth. Did you make that? It was perfect!

  11. I am trying to plan my son's birthday. Is there anyway that your dad could share the high resolution picture that you used for all the photos? I can get it printed. I would be FOREVER grateful!!!! I've spent weeks trying to find one and have had no luck :( marra127 @