Thursday, November 3, 2011


I have had this post sitting in my drafts box for a quite a while.  Originally, I just intended on posting it with out much text because I thought the pictures were cute.  But then my friend Kathleen posted this.   I found it funny as I was just about to post these pictures so I thought I would expand a bit on my feeling on Costco.  Then I actually started typing it out and I realized how long it would actually take me to explain all the reasons I both love and hate Costco.  I also realized that most people probably don't care that much about my opinions anyway so I deleted whatever rantings I had started.  All I will say is that my husband isn't allowed to go there by himself anymore.  Since I really should post Halloween pictures before December this year, I am just going to leave you with these:


  1. That is adorable!!! Costco, I hear, is waay better than Bjs...

  2. The sleeping Gus photos are some of my most favorites EVER.