Tuesday, November 8, 2011

soccer time

Jimmy started playing in his first soccer league.  It is just a free league at a local park that is run by a group of dads that we know.  It was the perfect way to get Jimmy started because it was very low pressure and done in a pick-up game sort of fashion.  Jimmy was very excited about buying cleats and having a good reason to wear his soccer shirt from Aunt Nat and Aunt Angie.  He also thinks Aunt Nat will be very excited for him since, "She loves soccer."  We practiced some in our yard ahead of time, but before the first game, Jimmy and Dad watched the real thing on the computer to get pumped up:
 Doing stretches with Dad to get warmed up:
 Jimmy decided he wanted to be in the 4-5 year old group so he could be with his cousin Finn.  Of course, this meant he was probably the littlest one in the group... But he tried hard!  They would divide the kids into two teams and let them pick names.  One time Jimmy got to pick so, of course, they were the Pterodactyls.  He loved getting to do the kick-off.
 Usually the games looked like a big group of kids running in a mob around the ball:
 Probably even more than kicking the ball, Jimmy loved being the one to retrieve the ball from the net after someone else scored. 
 Jimmy never actually scored, but he was very proud of his one assist.  He still likes to say, "Remember when I kicked the ball to my teammate and he kicked it in?" We are proud of whatever we can get around here.  Let's just hope Jimmy takes after the Weisse side when it comes to soccer.   If he is anything like his mom and aunts then he would probably rather stay at home to watch cartoons on a Saturday morning.  Fortunately, he does not know that is an option at this point in his life. 
 Finn was a scoring Rockstar so he must be taking after his dad. 
 And I just had to include this picture because Jimmy cracks me up in it.  
He is pretty funny when he runs in general. 
 These two boys are such good buddies.  
I am sure they have lots more sporting events together in their future
Thanks to all the dads that run this league.  
We had a great time.

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  1. Ohhh I just spent Saturday watching my two grandsons in their soccer games. My 3 almost 4 year old grandson would've played well with your son and nephew! I have a posting about it and the pictures look fairly similar. Everyone in a huddle!