Tuesday, November 12, 2013

milk carton skeleton

I saw a skeleton made of milk jugs on Pinterest and thought my boys would love making it.  
Good thing we drink a lot of milk because it took about five jugs.  
The boys couldn't be that much help since I had to cut most of it with sharp scissors or a matte knife and then hot glue them together.  They were most excited that I traced Jimmy's feet and Gus' hands for the skeleton. I also let them draw some of the lines and help tie it all together, but mostly, the just loved watching me do it.  As a final touch, Jimmy drew a heart to put inside the chest.
  I asked them what we should name him and Gus said, "Nobody."
So that became his name.  It is a good name for a ghost I think.
We love October! More to come on that soon.

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