Monday, March 31, 2014

superheros and knights in shining armor

My house has been filed with Superheroes lately.
 Mostly just one superhero, but he changes his identity from Superman to Batman to Green Lantern to Captain Awesome to Hercules so frequently that it seems like they are all here.  He does usually get a few more friends to tag along to be Super Mom or Super Baby.
 Let me just be clear.  Gus has never seen any TV shows staring super heroes.  He has seen a few in books, but mostly just pictures.  Nana watched some of a documentary about comic books with him, but again he just saw very brief clips of these characters.  Apparently, it made a strong impression.  She did also buy him three t-shirts that he basically insists on wearing every day or there are tears if I make him pick something else (Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern).  He has already requested that I make him a Hercules costume "out of thread."  If you aren't familiar (because you haven't been around Gus in the last year) Gus is very obsessed with the Disney movie Hercules.  When his Dad recently pinned a blue hankerchief on his back he was beyond ecstatic because now he looked "just like Hercules."  Apparently, all the time he had spent wearing a black one as Hercules was not nearly good enough.  I guess a Hercules Halloween costume might have to be in the works.  
 Did you know Batman can make banana bread?  Well, he can.
Also, did you know a baby can easily become a superhero by turning her bib around to become a cape?
Well, she can.
Knights with swords are just as popular.
Basically, if you have a sword Gus loves you... even if you are the bad guy.
He was in heaven playing with Declan at Aunt Emmy's house once the two of them discovered the knight costumes.

 Randi has become his favorite babysitter thanks to this get-up she has at her house...
 Margaret and Jojo came over one morning to play and were disappointed by the assortment of dress-up available in the boy's room.  They found princess crowns, but I kindly looked through my personal dress-up clothes and pulled out some lovely "princess dresses" for them.  Margaret kept shouting, "We are going to be so beautiful!!!"  I thought she might explode.  They were overjoyed to have Gus as their knight.  He proudly protected them from the evil witch (me) and other beasts (Nora).  
They did drag Gus into a few tea parties.  He is acting all cool and bored, but he loved it...
 Note the sword in the back of the shirt below.  This is where it frequently lives for easy access throughout the day.
My hero.


  1. Please move to Iowa for no other reason than that our boys can be best friends... you know because that makes perfect, logical sense ;)

  2. I think it would make more sense for you to move here.