Sunday, March 23, 2014

valentine's day 2014

Valentine's Day always sneaks up on me.  Somehow I decided that volunteering to be the parent in charge of Jimmy's class party was a good idea since I am usually not so busy around that time of year.  Wrong.  It just so happens that all the resident faculty in the theatre department at my school went to their annual theatre festival and needed me to sub all week.  Bad timing, but I survived. We did manage to get Jimmy's Valentine's for his classmates made early so at least we weren't scrambling to get those done the night before. 
  Sorry to everyone else we love that we would have sent Valentines to if we had time and were more on top of things.  You know we love you though so I don't really care. I promise that we think UR Dino-Mite!
 Valentine's morning the boys were excited to wake up a little early and open the cards they got from grandparents and see what little treats they got in their mailboxes.
 So the party ended up being a success, but only thanks to all the other great moms who helped.
Randi made this cute photo booth...
Then we had a dance party where I attempted to teach the kids the YMCA and Hokey Pokey

Nana sent Nora the cutest little dress as a present so we had to dress her up in it and take pictures.
 There is lots of love in this family...

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  1. sometimes i think i might actually come over and steal nora. just a warning.