Sunday, March 30, 2014

erin and gene

Our slew of visitors back in February wouldn't be complete without a visit from Aunt Erin.  
This time she brought Gene along.
As usual he is a popular guy.
Aunt Erin offered to take the kids bowling and Jimmy was super excited since he had never been before.
Gus had never been either and probably for good reason.  He thought it was super fun, but even with the bumpers his balls either didn't make it down the lane or the needed an extra push from Dad or Mom. At least two balls needed to be retrieved by the staff and then we just started sending other balls down the lane to push Gus' stuck balls.  He still thought it was all awesome.
Jimmy was proud that he got the highest score of the kids in his first game ever.
We thought it was fun and all had a great time, but we could have done without the constant view of music videos from Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and One Direction.
Erin and Gene are always fun to have around and go on adventures with.
They are also good sports about having to be Hercules in pictures...
We are also happy to announce that since this visit Gene proposed to Erin.
Looks like the kids will have a new uncle sometime this summer!


  1. bowling with the taberweisses looks like so much fun! and congrats to Erin and Gene! xoxo

  2. Very sweet sister. Love you guys!