Wednesday, March 12, 2014

flagstaff not quite snow trip

 We made our yearly trek up to Flagstaff on Martin Luther King Weekend to try to find some snow.
We had to stop at Rock Springs Cafe for pie.

Mmmmm.  Just thinking about it now is making my mouth water.
My kids always think they want it, but never finish it which is great because that means more for me.
They love all the old fashioned rides out front (even though we never put money in them).
We knew there was not supposed to be any snow and sure enough we got what we expected...
We were staying at my uncle's cabin and there was a pile of "snow" in the back still that they boys still managed to have fun playing in. 
I was glad they weren't too disappointed, but I guess I shouldn't have worried too much.
Little boys are easily entertained.
"Don't let her eat it!!!"... I said while no one listened....
 This picture below is included must for my friend Molly Walter.
When we were in Grad School we discovered that we had the same snow boots in slightly different colors that we had both inherited from our mothers who had both lived in Colorado when they were around our ages at the time.  Anyway, I thought it was cool and I very much love these boots.  I guess wearing them only one weekend a year will let me keep them forever.

We were excited to have our friends, the Kerstings, join us.
With Angela around, I get to be in pictures sometimes too...
We took all the kids out to the "snow" pile and tried to see how many could fit in the sled.
We found one was best.
Nora got to put her adorable bear suit to good use.
We played tag and the kids all had a great time just playing outside.
We managed to get a decent family picture...
And I attempted to give the Kerstings one...
With no sledding on the horizon we spent Sunday at the park.
On Martin Luther King Day, all the National Parks were free so we thought we would attempt to take our kids to hike Walnut Canyon.  We didn't really know what we were getting ourselves into, but we went for it and we were glad we did.
 The canyon is filled with ancient cliff dwellings like these:

We were a bit freaked out having our kids stand by this rail so Angela and I were really contemplating how the Indian mothers kept their kids from walking out the front door and falling into the canyon. Ropes?
The kids really enjoyed going in the house ruins.
And they were pretty good sports about a rather long hike.
The last leg was a bit tough on the little guys, but they were so proud of themselves at the end.  Jimmy and Gus both filled out special papers and were sworn in as Junior Park Rangers.  They got badges that they wore proudly all day and probably a few days after.  Despite the lack of snow, this trip was wonderful thanks to the beautiful scenery, the happy kids, and the good friends.

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