Saturday, March 8, 2014

mini-disneyland: third edition

This year Santa came through on Jimmy's request for Playmobil castles (It was actually just one of his four suggestions for types of Playmobil).  We were all happy Santa managed to find ones that would fit with our old castles since they sell a different kind in stores these days.  Jimmy and Finn had decided that it would be cool to have enough to have two castles so that they could have a full out battle with each other.  This happened on Boxing Day, but I have no pictures of it.  By the time I came upon it it was piles of castle rubble. The other reason Jimmy was excited about them was to build one giant castle.  I reminded him about how we once built it into the Disney Castle and since he had seen lots of pictures of this set-up we did at the Burch house when he was only 1 years old (and a smaller version that has been built many times).  He is very excited at the idea of doing a massive full-on Disneyland set-up again sometime, but for now we decided to do it on a small enough scale that it will fit in their room.  We built Main Street, the Castle and Fantasyland.  All the pictures here are of Gus because Jimmy was at school, but Jimmy deserves a lot of credit for it and also played with it quite a bit.
You can see the Peter Pan ride in this one if you look close...
We picked out Playmobil people to be our whole family and made our family go to Disneyland.  
When we can't go to the real place we make do as best we can.
Also, Gus bought a sword there.
Gus was thrilled that toy Gus got to meet toy Hercules at toy Disneyland.
I just hope he doesn't think that someday when he really makes it to Disneyland that he will get to meet Hercules.  I have a feeling that Hercules isn't quite as popular there as he is in our house.
All the favorite characters put on quite a parade down Main Street.
Maybe a real trip is in our future.

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  1. Oh my goodness...that is the cutest thing ever! I love the mix of older toys with new!! Great idea:-) I think I have seen Hercules at Disneyland once or twice...especially on a parade float. Perhaps someday your son will indeed get to meet him:-)