Thursday, March 20, 2014

phoenix groundhog 2014

Once again we hosted the annual University of Dallas Alumni Groundhog Party for Phoenix.
Jimmy helped me make a Cardboard Groundhog.
Nora was excited about it, I guess.
It is a pretty laid back event where we barbecue and drink beer.  It has become more family oriented over the years to accommodate for the fact that most of our fellow alumni have lots of kids these days.
The Groundhog became our traveling photo op.
Blaise really, really loved him.  He was ready to crush him with love.
We had some fun party crashers as well...
On the real day of Groundhog the boys got "Gregory's Shadow" by Don Freeman as a present.
I hope I haven't given my boys the idea that they will regularly get Groundhog's Day presents.  I am already out of ideas.
Well, Groundhog, you may have made other people angry with your predications this year, but we will always love you!

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