Monday, July 13, 2009

the coolest set-up ever!

Disneyland... Yes Disneyland. Jack and I had been talking about it pretty much since I moved back to Phoenix (but I think it has been a dream of mine since I was little). We used most of the toys owned by my family to create Disneyland on the Burch's porch. We used the Geo-Tracks to make the train around the outside and the Matterhorn; the Playmobiles provided the Castle, Tom Sawyers Island, and Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as being all of the Disneyland visitors; Little People buildings made up Main Street; the Burch's abundant supply of Disney toys took care of the characters; and what we didn't have we crafted from hand (my model building skills come in handy sometimes). The kids had so much fun with it, but I think the grown-ups (especially me) had a lot of fun too. It got a little crazy at times with so many kids of different ages trying to play in such a crowded area. Jack, being the meticulous set-up guy that he is (just like his god-mother), would try so hard to get all the characters set up just perfectly before Finn and Jimmy would plow through (I would really recommend this kind of set-up for kids over 3, but the little guys loved it too). Jack was very patient with it all and my sisters and I all had try to keep some order so toys wouldn't all get stepped on and ruined. But since Emily let it stay up for over a week, all the kids got plenty of time to enjoy it. They would wake up from their naps and run immediately to it. I am pretty sure it was a hit.

Okay, there are more pictures to come here, but I haven't gotten them from Emily yet. Check back soon for more... I would have just waited to post this, but I accidentally hit publish on one of the later posts I was working on so I figured I better publish all the things waiting in line behind it so they wouldn't be hidden and forgotten.


  1. you might just need to come to my house if you want pictures because it has made its way to the bottom of a somewhat long to-do list...

  2. Mary...that is an AMAZING set-up. Is it still up because I would fly down just to play with it...and to give Jimmy chips and chocolate.