Thursday, July 30, 2009

drive-in movies

We have taken a recent liking to the Drive-In Movie theatre since we realized it was an easy way to take Jimmy to the movies with us. Before it got too wicked hot, we went a few times with John and Angela since the new addition to their family has also been keeping them away from the movie theatre. I would highly suggest the Drive-In to anyone with kids that hasn't been to the movies in awhile. I have a lot of fond memories of filling the back of my dad's station wagon with sleeping bags and getting lots of snacks and treats at the convenient store. I hadn't been in a long time since I had been and I wish I had thought to do sooner. Not only is it way cheaper than regular movies ($4 on Tuesdays), you get to see 2 movies (or even three on the weekend if you are a real trouper). Jimmy watched the first 20 minutes of UP before falling asleep and then we got to watch Year One (we did switch movie screens which may or may not be against the rules, but we weren't really sure). The first time we saw The Hangover and Terminator Resurrection and Jimbo was asleep immediately. The theatre we go to is the West Wind in Scottsdale . Go here for movie times. In a few months when it cools down, we will definitely be going again. I obviously recommend it.

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