Saturday, August 1, 2009


I have been hitting up yard sales and junk/antique stores lately to find some treasures.  Mostly I have been looking for toys for Jimmy, but I found a few things for myself here and there as well.   These cool Disney books from the 1960s are so cool I am going to give them there own blog post.
Here is my next project for All Gussied Up:
I found this cool vintage sewing box and bought it for $2 because the top was all ripped up.  I am going to recover it with a solid green or blue.  I will show you all when I actually get around to it.   The other great part was that it was filled with tons of thread and other fun things that looked like they had been in there since 1964.  Here are a few of the thread spools that I thought were cool. 
This Dumbo puzzle had one sort of chewed up piece, but I still loved it and Jimmy does love Dumbo.
This is actually from a store, so I spent a little more money on it, but I still thought it was a good find.  Now I just need to start buying up more of the old Little People.  They are so much cooler than what they make now.
Here was the purchase I was most proud of: 
I bought a box filled with all of these little buildings from the movie Cars.  It had Ramone's Body Art Shop, Lizzie's Curios Shop, and Luigi's Tire Store.  A wind-up Doc and Fillmore were also in the box (and they have become Jimmy's favorite toys).  All three stores were as good as new and had all the pieces still.  They cost between $25-$30 at Toys R Us and I got the whole box for $5!  Then to top it all off, Emily told me that Lizzie's Curios Shop is no longer available in stores and it was going for $100 on Amazon!  Emily had been looking to get it to complete her kid's collection, so Jack was pretty excited that we found it.  Since the Burch kids have Flo's Gas Station, we now have the whole set between us all and Jack can finally build the Radiator Springs he has wanted to for so long.  

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