Saturday, August 1, 2009

slip slidin' away

So to celebrate by birthday this year, I decided I wanted a Slip'n'Slide. I had been talking to Em about it all summer, but it sounded like a fun thing to do on my birthday since I used to have pool parties a lot growing up and we had Slip'n'Slides a few times. One time in particular I got one as a present called the "Crocodile Mile" and Danny insisted on sitting in the little pool at the end the whole time making it difficult for any one to slide. It was probably really stinkin' cute, but I just remember being really annoyed with him at the time. I didn't properly appreciate his cuteness when I was 8 years old. Anyway, I digress. I found a Double Slip'n'Slide on sale at Walgreens for $10. I guess it pays to buy these things when the season is almost over and everything is half price. My family threw a little party for me the day before my birthday at Emily's house. The kids had a lot of fun, but the grown-ups all got in there too. It even stayed up for a few days at Em's house and was put to good use. Here are some of our Slip'Slidin' adventures:

Lucy liked trying to drink the water that sprayed from the middle.
I also bought this water spraying toy for $5. I don't know if the pictures really show what it does, but I thought it ended up being a good purchase because Jimmy loved it. Water sprayed from a bunch of places, but there was also a place to put balls that rolled all the way to the bottom and then shot high up in the air. Jack decide to try hitting them with his baseball bat and he and Jimmy had a fun time with that.
Phoenix may be hot in the summer, but I think there are plenty of fun things to do outside if you just stay wet. I will take it over the freezing cold any day.
It was an awesome day. Thanks family!


  1. and i would just like to add the disclaimer that i am not, in fact, pregnant, although it looks very much like i am in these pictures...

  2. I remember the Crocodile Mile! And also remember thinking it was really expensive and that's why we were never able to have one... hmmm...