Tuesday, August 18, 2009

easy toys

So I have been feeling as though I am neglecting my blog since I got my new job teaching Acting.  I have been pretty busy making lesson plans and having auditions.  I haven't been too crafty lately, with the one exception of making a model of my set for Dear Brutus.  I "made" these things a while ago and had been meaning to post them for awhile, but just couldn't make it a priority.  Today, I needed a break from my real job, so I decided to finally post them while Jimmy is taking a nap.  These are just a few cheap toy ideas I came up with that Jimmy loves, so I thought I would share.  
All you need is some old containers you were going to throw away anyways and one spiffy reusable grocery bag.  Jimmy lines them all up on the couch and then goes shopping.  
Hours of fun... or at least minutes.

$1 section at Michael's.  
Ketchup and Mustard were already two of his favorite food.  He used to just hold something invisible in his hand and tell me he was putting Ketchup on my invisible food.  I hate to stiffle his imagination, but I couldn't resist.  His favorite part of these is recreating the noise that real bottles make (imagine a fart noise from your mouth).

So this is probably one of Jimmy's current favorite toys.  I was actually quite proud of myself for coming up with it, but at the same time, it just seems so obvious.  Jimmy loved playing with his Easter Eggs after Easter.  He would put tiny little toys in them and try to close them (which I usually had to help with).  I got kind of sick of having his basket in our living room around June, so I put them in an old egg carton and decided to make felt eggs to put inside each one. And well, if you are going to make eggs, you need bacon too.  Everyone needs bacon.  For more details on how I made the bacon and eggs, go to All Gussied Up.

Here is Jimbo playing with them.

This is how our floor usually looks.

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  1. awww! hot eggs and ketchup! just like at matt's big breakfast!

    love you guys! xo