Saturday, August 1, 2009

take me home, country roads

At the end of July we headed back to West Virginia for the first time since we moved. Our friends Dave and Emily got married in Germany on June 18th and had there reception for friends and family in Wheeling, WV on July 25th. Jimmy was excited to get to go on another airplane to see Nana! We had to explain that we were going to Nana's other house , so he likes to tell me now from time to time how Nana has two houses. While Zach went off to the "Post-Bachelor Party," Jimmy and I went and saw Nana and Aunt Cathy in Morgantown. Jimmy was excited to eat Mac and Cheese and I was excited to eat Chik-fil-A. We went to the park and Jimmy was fascinated by his first experience with fireflies. He still talks about how Aunt Cathy would catch them and put them on his hand.

Jimmy also tells me about how Cathy went up the stairs to the attic to get "Dadda's old monkey" out of a box. Zach likes to say it is still his, but Jimmy is firm about the reminding him "No. Dadda's OLD Monkeykey. Jimmy's Monkeykey."

Dave and Emily's reception was at a sort of Camp Ground at Oglebay Resort. It was basically a big picnic-good food, lots of kids running around, corn-whole, and or course RAIN.
Jimmy loved this bell and really wanted to try to keep up with the big kids as they ran up and down this big hill. It wore me out to say the least.
My Little Tree Hugger
Jimmy playing with his old friends Erica and Ryan....
Erica if you read, this you will be happy to know Jimmy remembers your name when we look at these pictures and he gets a big bashful smile on his face...
Ryan-no such luck
Fortunately, Jimmy has turned into a little Phoenix baby so Rain is still fascinating. I couldn't keep him out of it. He splashed in the puddles and got completely soaked.
Here he is in our car post-rain. When I went to change his clothes he kept insisting that I put his Thomas shirt back on him. When I told him it was all wet, he said, "Momma clean it!" and then made a motion of scrumbing. Unfortunately, if he had his way he would wear this shirt every day, so I have to hide it sometimes. Thanks for that Aunt Nat!
Sadly this is the only picture I got of the Bride and Groom.
Sorry guys, but I think your families wore you out with pictures enough that day.
Congrats and thanks for a great time!

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