Monday, July 13, 2009

phoenix children's museum

When Angie was in town, we all got Culture Passes to get into the new Phoenix Children's Museum for free. It is really amazing and the kids all love it. For more pictures check out Em's blog here.

In the background is a sculpture made of old cds tied together.
I think it is really cool.
These tubes suck in scarves and balls and things and then shoot them out in other places.
I love the origami birds as well.
The little boys could have done this car-wash part all day. One of the only problems with the museum is that the kids could just stay at one exhibit all day and be happy. How do you explain to a 1 1/2 year old that there could possibly be something more fun to see?... Actually the Noodle Forest was probably the highlight, but you will have to see Em's pictures to get an idea what I mean.

The hands on Arts and Crafty stuff if great.
This was originally a wood house that is now covered in so much paint that it looks like this. There used to be a window in the middle there.

The Grocery Store may be my favorite part.

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