Monday, July 13, 2009

radar and the buddies

This is Radar dressed as a pirate (along with a monkey friend). His name comes from Big Bird's bear on Sesame Street, not the character from MASH (unless Big Bird was a fan of MASH, in which case he is named after both). He used to be my teddy bear and now he is Jimmy's. I was pretty excited that Jimmy chose him as his favorite. My family, of course, teases me that I forced Radar upon him. I am not saying I wouldn't, but REALLY I didn't have to! I just gave Radar to him to sleep with for a few nights and that did the trick. He is a good snuggle buddy. I slept with him through college.
I am glad he is still being loved.
Jimmy refers to all of his stuffed animals as his "buddies." There are lots of games we play with the buddies such as "Monkey's Jumping on the Bed," which involves all the animals jumping on the bed and falling off (or being thrown) only to bonk their heads. But Jimmy's favorite it where he hides under all of them and then jumps out to scare me or whoever is around.
He also loves wrapping them up in blankets and putting them to sleep like babies.
Glowworm is his favorite for this and he is pretty much just refered to as "Baby" now.

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