Monday, July 13, 2009

mimi's house

Mimi is the name Jack Burch originated for our dear friend Mary McMahon.  She is sort of like a surrogate grandmother to the Burch kids and Jimmy.  Going over to her house is an exciting treat because it means playing with her fun toys (including some of Michael's old He-Man and Ghostbuster action figures that are kinda creepy, but the kids love them none-the-less.... well most of them).  It also means eating tuna fish sandwiches and Cheetos (which by the way we used to eat all the time at my Mame's house).  Jimmy loves Mimi, but how could anyone not. 

Here she is doing her patented Mimi move that he kids love. She just trills her tongue in their ears and they love it.  When I try to do it to Jimmy, he just smiles and says, "Mimi,"  but I think  it is just not as special coming from Mom.  
Mimi also has a pool that the kids love and we have recently had special little birthday celebrations at Mimi's for Finn and Lucy's birthdays.  No Jimmy thinks he get cake whenever we go there.  Oh, well.  At least there will always be Cheetos to distract him with.

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  1. He looks like such a love-y little boy.. i want to hug him long and hard when i finally meet him.