Thursday, April 3, 2014

frozen with dot

Emily and I decided it would be fun to take Gus and Dot to see Frozen before it left theaters. 
I was excited because I had been dying to see it and rarely make it to the movies.  Mimi was kind enough to watch Nora so we could go. Gus and Dot were pretty excited about it.  I packed snacks and Gus told me we were supposed to get treats at the theatre.  I informed him, "Only when you are with Dad."  Dot was so excited she couldn't sit down for most of it and she did lots of hand motions to "Let It Go."  However, at some point in the movie she decided the lighted stairway was more fun than sitting in the seats.  Gus liked the bad guy because he had a sword. Go figure. 
Gus is pretending to be "frozen", but Dot didn't want to play along with that. 
Also, I loved this movie, but is anyone surprised by that?

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