Friday, April 4, 2014

nora around eight months

Nora started army crawling around 6 months, but at eight months she started getting herself all the way up and making it official.  Sometimes if on the cold hard floor she even gets up on all fours which is funny to see (I guess I should get some pictures of that).  She also started pulling herself up onto everything and walking along all the furniture.  It always looks funny when they first start doing this stuff.  It makes the boys "very nervous" as they tell me.  They don't know why I insist on taking pictures of her in precarious positions instead of saving he life.
One day while left alone in the family room she managed to turn our little rock chair upside down and balance on it.  I was impressed that she could flip it over without going down with it.
Unfortunately, she likes staring at screens more now.
Dad likes to take pictures of us doing it together so that I am reminded of where she gets it from.
She really wants to walk, but she doesn't quite have it.  
She does insist that we walk her around a lot so she is getting in lots of practice time.
Also, I just love this little dress on her so I wanted to take a million pictures of her in it.
(It is from a friend, not the Taber family closet this time) 
Sometimes brothers just can't resist their baby sister in a cute dress.
And sometimes moms just can't resist pushing the photo shoot past the point of happiness.
We needed some good crying pictures for the baby album anyway.  Sometimes I like them as much as the happy ones.  You can't just have all happy ones or they will think they were perfect babies when they grow up.  I like to keep things real.


  1. I think these last pictures are framable. would be a perfect drawing or sketch picture.

  2. Well, Bobbins does have a framed photo of Marcelly's boogie face. Also, Nora is such a good mix. She looks like you in the pic with her mouth open wide, and Zach in the next one.