Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ud campus

I took the boys on a little tour of the UD campus so that they can mentally prepare themselves for going there someday... Okay, I will not be one of those parents that forces their children to attend their alma mater, but I do love my school. Hopefully in 16 years or so it will still be the great institution it is today, and, hopefully, it will appeal to my children without any pressure from me.  It is not the loveliest campus in the world so it won't have that draw for those who need things to be aesthetically pleasing, but the people there are just so fun and amazing.  However, even the "ugly" campus has grown on me despite the overuse of a sort of tan colored paint on too many of the buildings.  
So anyway, first stop on the tour: the Tower.
It was the first thing you can see from the freeway so Jimmy would get excited when we would drive back near campus.  "The tower!  Mommy it is your school!" He thought it was cool to see it up close as well.
We took a little stroll on the mall, but it is a lot more fun when it is not empty for the summer.
 We went over to see my old home at the MJT Theatre.  
 This is the ugly paint color I was talking about.  The school has some idea that all the building should be connected to the earth and therefore they all need to be so neutral that sometimes you don't even realize they are there.  I think the theatre folks should just paint this building bright red one day, just to be overly dramatic and then see what the school does.  Honestly, it is looking a little shabby anyway so they probably wouldn't mind.
Of course, no one was there and it was locked, as I figured it would be,  but I was happy to see the "Stage Door" sign made by yours truly is still proudly hung above the doors.  At least I left my mark somewhere.
Thankfully, at least the Capp Bar was open so Nat and I could get coffee drinks.
We got the fancy Carmel Macchiatos because Natalie had free drink coupons.
The smell walking into this building made me feel like I should be studying, and, yet, I still loved the memory it brought back. It is so nice to sit there when you really don't have anything more important you should be doing. The only problem was that no matter where I go, pterodactyls keep following me.
We made a brief visit to the UD bookstore and Nat noticed this weird and very un-UD picture in the UD picture frame.  It is a couple looking sexy (I think she is in a bra) and holding a remote like they are watching TV--a strange choice we thought.
Gus picked out the dorm he wants to live in someday:
(I didn't have the heart to tell him that it is a girl's dorm)
 Bess and I went and revisited our old dorm Jerome because we found a door propped open.  I found a Dinosaur name tag in the trash near my old room (that I shared with Ellen).  There were a lot of them in the trash so I took them all to Jimmy and he thought it was the greatest present ever.  He still plays with them.
Bess also took a whole lot of hangers and I got an awesome long metal ruler out of the trash.  Dorms after move-out are full of all sorts of treasures if you don't mind digging through trash.
Bess, Jacob, and I also toured the new huge dorm which is so very nice especially if you walk through Gregory right afterwards.  It is sort of huge, and I know a lot of people who are angry about it.  I thought it was a lot better than I expected, but I guess it really changes the small dorm dynamic that is so fun at UD. Mostly, I was just surprised at how fast the students had already managed to trash such a new building.  Yeah, a college dorm is kinda gross.  I miss it.


  1. I love your journey down memory lane...I will say nothing is ever the same once you bring your first born to college. You will feel like you are the one meant to be moving in and starting the new adventure...and thrilled and frightened for your 'baby' all at the same time. Keep returning as they grow it will be cherished memories for all!
    Once again, I love your postings and your Blog!

  2. That photo frame thing is soooo random!