Wednesday, June 15, 2011

indoor goofy golf

Not gonna lie, these photos are from months ago, but it seems like a summery thing to do so I am finally getting around to posting them. Finn came over one day and really wanted to play with Jimmy's golf clubs. We were going to play outside, but Jimmy insisted upon staying inside since that is what he had done in the past with Finn, and he is a creature of habit, after all. We gave in to his pleas since Finn didn't care. Baabee and I thought we would try to make this indoor game a little more fun, so we helped them set up a few goofy golf style holes out of blocks. They thought it was great. Jimmy keeps asking to do it again. Now that it is summer and staying inside actually sounds like the better idea, I think we may be doing this more often... that is if the golf clubs come down off of the shelf they live on after being used as weapons.
Finn does this every time he gets the ball in the whole:
These two are such good little buddies these days. I just love it!


  1. nice drunk eyes, finn.
    what were you giving that guy to drink...