Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ranch market

This is a huge supermarket in Phoenix that carries all sorts of Mexican specialties. We took Aunt Angie there because they have a counter where you can order pretty much whatever Mexican dish your heart desires.  I didn't take a lot of pictures, but it is a pretty fun place.
They have tons of cakes and pastries.  Some look delicious and some look crazy. I took a picture of this one because I thought it was hilarious.
 Erin loves the Aguas Frescas which are fresh squeezed juices. She and Jimmy are all about the watermelon juice (the thought of it actually makes my throat feel swollen and scratchy, but that is just me).  Jimmy thought it was such a cool place and he kept telling us how beautiful it was. He loved all the colored banners and the streamer hanging from the fans.  
I guess, it seems like a pretty impressive place to a three year old.

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