Thursday, June 23, 2011

don't look away

Now that Gus is crawling I really can't look away for a minute.  He manages to find anything that has been left behind on the floor, from an old piece of food to one of those little plastic price tag holders that you have to pull off of new clothes.  I actually had to pull a Lego out of his mouth a few days ago.  I was sitting right next to him while he was playing on the floor with a huge pile of age appropriate toys, but he manages to put his hand under the couch and pull out the tiniest thing he can find.  And Jimmy had been so good about picking all of them up when I asked him, because, as he likes to tell me quite frequently, "Gus might choke."  Still, we can't control him.  Gus also loves cords, and I have to figure out a way to block off  every possible cord in my house because he will find a way to reach it and have fun wrapping it around his neck.  I can't even put him in his swing because even strapped in he manages to throw at least half of his body out of it.

On that note, I am reminded of an incident from a few months ago when I left the table for a few minutes at lunch time, only to come back to find Jimmy like this:
Now this is not the first time that this has happened, but usually it was caused by the lack of a nap or some sort of sleep deprivation.  On this day I was surprised because it was such a normal routine day.  I particularly like that his nose is sitting right in his tuna sandwich.  So I set Gus in his swing and in my hurry didn't strap him in.  I carried Jimmy to his bed, and when I came back to Gus, he was like this:
My first instinct was to grab him, but then I stopped myself because I was so impressed that he was holding himself there and wanted to see how long he could do it.  He was just gently rocking himself back and forth and did so for a few minutes.  So, of course, I had time to grab my camera... I always do.  

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