Sunday, June 12, 2011

renegade craft fair, austin

I was too busy looking at fun stuff at this fun event to actually bother taking many pictures.  There were so many talented people there that inspired me to want to make fun things myself.  I got some good ideas, but I couldn't bring myself to buy anything.  I was usually like, "I should do that myself" or "That is awesome, but I can't shell out the bucks for it."  As an "artist" myself (it seems more humble if you put it in quotes), I feel guilty not supporting my peers, but at the same time, I don't make much money for what I do so it makes it pretty tricky to give back.  And also, I am a cheapskate. Part of the reason I think I would be terrible at actually having any kind of crafty business, is because I would never want to sell things I had spent so much time on; the other reason is because I would feel so guilty charging an amount I would personally never pay for anything, but in order for it to be worth your time, you need to charge a decent amount.  Good thing there are people out there that are not as cheap as me that can help support the starving artists of the world.  I digress... Anyway, I love craft fairs and this one was probably the best I have ever been to.  I wanted to linger at each stand forever, but when you have a three year old with you, you move pretty quickly from one thing to the next.  We took a some fun pictures at two photo booths, but the people never posted them on their websites, and the hard copies are with my sister's stuff in Austin, so I will probably add them later once I can get them scanned.  I did get a picture of Gus wearing this funny hat though:

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