Saturday, June 18, 2011

little cardboard town

Here is a fun little cardboard town Jimmy and I made together.  
It started as in inside project, but then we brought it out in the shade and added some "trees" which made it so much cooler. 
(Yes, it does appear the Army is attacking the Fire Department)
 Jimmy loved helping build it and play with it, but...
 It was hard to share.
(Yep, that is a hit caught on camera... well, maybe more of "love tap")
I guess, there are some games the little brother isn't quite ready for yet.
 So, then we just decided to turn it into a game of Godzilla Baby.
The only problem was that this has gotten me on a huge cardboard kick so I cannot stop at just this.  Lots of cardboard boxes are accumulating on my porch.  We have already made more buildings and I have big plans to make this town into a city.