Saturday, June 11, 2011

zilker park and barton creek

We were fortunate to have Aunt Nat with us on our trip to Austin which was also her first trip there. Thanks for driving us, Nat!

Our first night in Austin we made a visit to Whole Foods and the bookstore before we managed to get hit by an unusually huge thunderstorm, so we got to read lots of Jimmy Fallon's Thank You Notes while we waited. Then we got frozen yogurt... because we were with Aunt Erin, after all, and she does love her some frozen yogurt. Of course, we got to enjoy the lovely Texas humidity, though the cloud cover came in handy the next day as we ventured out into the city. Erin knew Jimmy would love riding on the train in Zilker Park, known as the Zilker Zeffer; next to the diggers, it was probably the most exciting thing we did on our trip (as far as Jimmy was concerned).
(Devin: is that Ricardo drinking a coke in the background?)
This guy just waits for the train to come by and plays his guitar. People throw dollars at him. I wonder how much money he makes...
The playground there was also pretty exciting.
Mostly because it has a firetruck.
Then we walked down to Barton Creek.
This is the creek that is next to Barton Springs, which is a natural swimming pool that you can see here:
We decided Jimmy wasn't quite ready for that yet (it is 68 degrees year round), which was probably a good idea since it took him a long time to just get his feet in the water.
Gus, on the other hand, was all about it.
Jimmy mostly just wanted to sit here and throw rocks in the water. He could have done it for hours I think.
Finally, he let Nat help him venture out a little farther, but he wouldn't put his feet down because he was afraid of slimy stuff. We need to toughen this kid up a bit. I guess he has been a city boy for two long now. A true West Virginia boy should have lept in and caught fish with his bare hands.
We had a fun tiring day with many more adventures, including lots of good food and Jimmy's introduction to Shakespeare (which was, in fact, a Beach Movie version of Love's Labours Lost in the Park), but then it was back to Aunt Erin's for baths, books, and bed.

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