Sunday, June 5, 2011

dallas zoo

One of the funnest days of our trip was getting to go to the Dallas Zoo with a bunch of my college friends and their kids. I had actually never been to the zoo during my time in Dallas, and I have to say I was pretty impressed. Sorry Phoenix Zoo, they win. I love our zoo, but they just had more cool animals at this one. We took LOTS of pictures. Between Bess, Becca, Desarae, Natalie, and I, we were a little camera happy. I apologize ahead of time for the major picture dumping (some people like to give me a hard time for such things), but there were just so many fun ones. Believe it or not this is only a small portion of pictures taken.
Our zoo has no penguins so they were a big hit.
We kind of made the kids pose for us a lot.
The giraffes were the coolest because you can get right up to them and feed them. Jimmy has only gotten to feed them in Phoenix one time, but he asks everytime we go. Since I don't want him to get in the habit of spending the extra money, I always say, "Not today." It actually did cost money to buy them food here too, but little Michael Lowe just went up to the booth by himself and batted his eyes and the lady gave him two pieces of lettuce just for being so cute. He graciously shared one with Jimmy. They really are such beautiful animals.
Gus liked them, too.

This is some ridiculous cuteness right here:


This face on Jimmy just cracks me up. I told him to look scared and what I got was this sort of slightly concerned and confused look that sort of says, "Hmmm, I don't know about that." Oh, well, we will work on his acting skills later.

They have a fun kids splash area. Michael and Leah were all about it, but Jimmy not so much.
He was too busy being a dinosaur cracking out of this egg.
Crazy pterodactyls again.
And I just think this kid is super cute.
Maybe I am biased.
This rope spider web was a big hit and we captured some great facial expressions.
I love the tongues sticking out on both boys as they try so hard to get up.
Gus and Gabe mostly just sat around while their mothers desperately tried to get them to pose for us.
Brother love that surprisingly didn't end in tears or a time out.
These fish are cool, but doesn't right in the middle of the Farm Animal section seem like a strange choice of location? (editor's note: they're domesticated, it works) No. Still weird. You're wrong.
Gus was sleeping so I had a good excuse to not go in the petting zoo. Too bad, because the goats are so lovely and clean.
The otter exhibit (and the penguins) were so cool because you could view them swimming and on land. Usually at the Phoenix Zoo, they just sleep in their logs whenever we are there. Jimmy didn't want to leave this one.
Another picture set-up by the moms.
Jimmy thought this white alligator was amazing and he still tells me about how "some alligators are white, you know." He sure thinks he knows a lot of things I don't lately.
While not my favorites, the little boys all seems facinated with the lizards and snakes.
And we had some fun stroller races.
These two seriously need to be buddies some day. They took turns grabbing each others faces while in here together, but I am pretty sure it is just because they loved each other so much.
I miss these girls so much and I wish we all lived closer sometimes, but it is great that we could all have this day while I was in town. Thanks for setting it up Bess!


  1. Very fun! So bummed my kiddos were sick! Wish we could have gone--or seen you guys more than briefly at Club Schmitz!

  2. We wish we could have seen more of you too Katie!

  3. So that zoo seems way cooler litterally and figuratively than the phx zoo. Gus, in the stroller picture is flashing his gold grills

  4. Yeah, Suz it was. And I noticed that in Gus' mouth. Not sure if it is a glare or a piece of the zoo map.