Wednesday, June 22, 2011

master builder

Jimmy quote of the day (via three days ago):
"Mom, you are the best mom ever because you are so good at making stuff."

Never-mind, the fact that after that after I thanked him, he qualified it by saying, "...But you are not as good as Dad."  I knew this statement was only induced by our recent furniture purchases from Ikea that I had not been partaking in the building of, so I managed to clear things up and we came to an agreement that Dad is the best at building Legos and furniture (I will give him that), but that Mom is the best at everything else.  Sorry, Zach, but this is, in fact, a competition.  So I am glad my graduate degree is being useful these days and making me cool in the eyes of my son.  So yeah, I rock.

P.S.- I am officially teaching a Prop Design Class next fall! Whoohoo!

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