Thursday, June 2, 2011

jimmy's food store

Sadly, Zach could only stay in Dallas for the weekend and then had to get back to school.  I was sad to see him go, but I think the saddest part of this for him was that he had to miss out on a restaurant that I know he would have loved.  We went with a group of Natalie's friends to a place near downtown Dallas called Jimmy's Food Store.  It is an Italian market, but you can order amazing sandwiches in the deli section.  It makes you feel like you are back in Italy... or at least in New York instead of Texas.
My Jimmy was excited about it for obvious reasons.
They have a big "Wine Room" in the back with tables for large groups.
We were blessed enough to be graced with the presence of my very favorite priest, Monsignor Fucinaro.
He used to be the chapelin at UD's Rome Campus, but not actually during my time there.  He was good friends with our chaplin Monsignor Conley (now Bishop) and just loved coming to say mass and hang out with us since we were so fun.  He says he will always remember me as one of his favorites because everyone else was always saying how Monsignor Conley was their favorite and I told him that he could be my favorite.  He is super fun and funny and I loved getting to hang out with him and catch up.  It made it feel even more like being back in Rome with him around.
... Ahh, Rome how I miss thee!


  1. Love it! I want to go there with Msgr!

  2. Jimmy's is on my list for this summer. I have been wanting to go forever!

  3. Also, are you and Bess doing a fist bump in that pic with Msgr?