Sunday, June 26, 2011

downtown phoenix day

We had a little morning adventure in Downtown Phoenix a few weeks back with Aunt Angie and Aunt Erin.  We wanted to check out a new shopping and eating area called City Scape, but it was rather a disappointment at 9 am on a Tuesday when everything is closed.  The fountain that seemed like it would be fun to play in is lame and only comes on for a few seconds every minute or so.  Jimmy liked it, but only for about 5 minutes.  I am all for the idea of drawing more social life downtown and I am happy our mayor is working on it, but it just isn't a kid thing (at least not yet, it isn't actually finished yet).  I am sure it is more fun at night.  However, Jimmy did love the fountain that ran down the stairs because he could throw thing in the top and watch them come down the waterfall at the bottom.   I am not encouraging putting dirty things in our city's fountains, but it made him happy and that is the kind of mom I am.
 Gus was pretty happy just to get pushed around in his stroller.
 I took pictures of some of my favorite buildings downtown just for fun.
 This is the old courthouse:
The Luhrs Tower 
(which my camera could not fully capture)
And my favorite, the supposedly haunted, Hotel San Carlos.
(It is the only one I have been inside of, but that is a long story for another time)
 We went for a walk through the park.
 Jimmy thinks this sculpture looks like a spider web, but I think it looks like a tornado, so we have dubbed it the "Spiderweb-Tornado." 
 Then we headed to the Phoenix Public Market.
Jimmy made some pretend phone calls to Nano.
(Nano, I have film footage of this to show you eventually, but Blogger doesn't like to let me upload videos more than about 10 seconds.)
 Gus was loving that Aunt Erin was giving him lots of cold water.
 ...and throwing him up in the air, which her arms and shoulders are now thoroughly paying for.
 And while it was not our last adventure of this certain day, I will sum things up with our visit to the downtown library.
 Jimmy still loves the baby section here so it is a good thing we have a baby to bring along as an excuse.
 We think he is pretty cute, too.
And the librarian will be happy to know that I finally let Jimmy check out books at the library!!


  1. Is Gus the happiest baby in the world, or is it that his life is just so sweet?

  2. Jimmy, I'm not sure what day it was, but I kept thinking I should be answering my phone to talk to you.

  3. Thanks Nano. You are one of my best commenters. Jimmy has had lots of conversations with you that you have no idea about. Good thing I filmed this one. Gus' life is pretty sweet, but he has been a little fussier than normal lately. I just don't take pictures of him when he is like that.

  4. I absolutely love all the fun things you do with your sweet boys! What delightful memories they will have to share with theirs...


  5. Hmmm. I wonder what the artist intended it to be. I want to find out if it has a name. It probably does.