Friday, July 1, 2011

father's day

We didn't do anything big this year for Father's Day but I think it was a nice one.  My plan was to make Zach breakfast in bed which was tricky since we were trying to make it to church at 9:00, and while I tried my darndest to wake Jimmy at 7:30 he didn't budge until 8:00... and even then it was sort of like waking the dead.  However, I knew that if we didn't do it, Jimmy would be sad since we had already talked about it the night before and he freaks out if plans are not followed.  Zach, of course, wouldn't have cared one way or another, but I guess somehow all holidays become about your kids even when they aren't supposed to.  
 Jimmy loved making this goofy breakfast that looked like a face:
It was certainly more about being fun than delicious.  
Zach didn't even really get to eat it, but don't tell Jimmy that.
(Note: the blueberry nostrils that Jimmy thought were boogers)
 We took it in to the bedroom and the boys happily woke up Dad by crawling all over him.
 Dad really made out this year because he got a tent and a set of golf clubs (thanks again Johnny for those!). 
Then we frantically scrambled to get to Mass and we weren't even that much later than usual.  After Mass, we met my family over at my dad's house for a nice brunch.  While playing golf was contemplated, the rest of our day was only filled with building some new Ikea furniture (our anniversary present to ourselves) and taking a long family nap.  Hope you had a good day Zach.  We love you the most!


  1. in that last picture it looks like zach is wearing a tiny hat on his head.

  2. Hilarious. I didn't even notice it, but now that is all I will be able to see when I look at it.