Saturday, July 9, 2011

popsicles and baseball

Who could ask for anything more on an Arizona evening in the summer?
We hung out at my cousin Kevin's one night with his little boy Jake, who is very close in age to Jimmy.
They had fun playing together in the backyard and eating popsicles.
Gus wished he could have one too.
(He may have gotten a few licks)
And, of course it would be Kevin's kids that teach Jimmy some baseball skills.
We loved having Aunt Erin around so much, and we can't wait 'til she comes back.
Gus was getting choked up about saying goodbye.
Gus has been super clingy lately, and cries pretty much every time I put him down.
Oh well, at least I love that little bugger a ton.
Randi and Kev, let's get the boys together again soon!

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