Sunday, July 31, 2011

rio salado audubon society

**Note: I finally went to the trouble to get all the pictures off of my phone! The next few posts are back tracking a bit to catch up on all the events where I forgot to bring my camera.

My sister Erin is always finding cool things to do that I never would have known about. She recently discovered the Rio Salado Audubon Center. Just about 20 minutes south of our house there is a beautiful little green sanctuary hidden under the freeway. The Audubon Society has built a facility there because it is a great place to spot cool birds. They have a a really nice center where they give you binoculars and show you what birds to look out for. They are slowly trying to restore the Rio Salado River and there is a little creek that was surprisingly lovely and lush. It started to get a little too hot while we were there, but I am sure an earlier summer morning would be just fine. Jimmy had fun and was all about looking for the birds. It helped that Elmo and Abbey were recently doing some bird watching on Sesame Street.
We didn't get that close, but if you look hard enough, you can see a little waterfall on the other side of the creek.
Jimmy also liked that we could find airplanes as well as birds.
The white spot in the middle is some type of crane (.... I obviously learned a lot.)
They were really big and beautiful when they flew and Jimmy loved it.
Again, if I had a better camera with me, I could have zoomed in a little more.
We are planning on venturing back again when the weather is better if anyone else is interested in tagging along.

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