Sunday, July 17, 2011


This is a little collection of pictures of my favorite brothers.  
As much as Jimmy gets in trouble for the things he does to Gus, he sure does love him.  And Gus is all smiles whenever he sees Jimmy.  Unfortunately he is also too tough for his own good.  Jimmy thinks he can push the limits of roughhousing since Gus rarely cries when he gets hit.  (I will not be including the picture that I accidentally captured of Jimmy running at Gus with a croquet mallet... don't worry I did in fact stop this incident before anyone was hurt, but the picture is pretty frightening.  Jimmy looks possessed.)  Though my life sometimes seems like a never-ending series of time-outs, I am pretty sure it just feels that way.  All in all, they really do love each other.
Okay, well he looks bored in this one, but I think the rest should be proof of their brotherly love.
Blurry, I know, but I just can't resist those smiles.
And who could resist those chubby cheeks?  
(At least Jimmy has found some cheeks to rub that aren't mine.)
Gus gets a lot of kisses when pictures are being taken.
They have even started taking baths together, which makes it more fun for both of them.
And this is what they look like most of the time lately: in swimsuits and in the sunshine.
Life could be worse.
Gotta love em.


  1. I just took out our blue and brown stripped long sleeves, hodded suit (geez, that's a long description!), anyway, you know the one that Jonah and Gus both wore that Gus has on in the first picture... well guess who is wearing it now?! This got me started in noticing how darn cute all of their outfits and pjs are in these pictures! Small fry! I love it! I especially love the matching stripped outfits on the grass... And it's not just the clothes that make these stylin' dudes so cute, the tub nuddy shot speaks for itself :)

  2. I love the expression Gus has in the picture where he is wearing red and Jimmy is kissing him! Too cute! I am also glad that you brought up that life seems like a never ending series of time outs. It really does seem like that sometimes.

  3. Thanks girls. I love when you all leave comments. It makes my day more than it should. I rarely post pictures on Facebook anymore so I feel like I miss out on getting nice comments. So thanks.