Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of july backyard bbq

We finally hung up our flag!!! 
We have had the flag and pole since right after we moved in and has just been sitting in our store room.
At least we picked a good day to get up.
 My dad also picked a good day to bring this chair over to us.
He made it himself which is pretty awesome and I was excited that I finally have a place for it in my house.
The red is very fun and certainly was patriotic, but I am playing with the idea of painting it again.  
It is not at the top of my priority list right now, so for now it is red.
(Also, here is a sneak peak of the grey I just painted my living room, but more on that later.)
 Baabee was a big help getting ready for our little gathering of friends, and then he got to hang out in Jimmy's new Dragon Pool.
 Jimmy was thrilled about the slide, but it ended up needing to be taken down once there were enough kids around, because it was an accident waiting to happen.  But Jimmy did show Lucia his awesome slide moves before the slide got the boot.
 Then John attacked all the kids with the dragon's spray.
(apparently, it is a water-breathing dragon as opposed to the fire-breathing type)
 So the hose also needed to be unplugged because, of course, that idea caught on:
Lucia enjoyed our new chairs that were just her size.
 And these three cute babies just loved hanging out in the grass.
(I love Gus' expression here for some weird reason.  The other two are smiling and he looks so serious almost like he knew I wanted him to smile and he was not going to in order to show he has some power in our relationship)
 Maddie, Pierce and Jimmy hit up the "Boat Swing" (I call it the "Horse Swing" but Jimmy disagrees).
Poor Lucia in the background was left alone on the "Pirate Ship."
 We played a little croquet with our new anniversary present.
(5 years is apparently supposed to be a wooden gift, so Zach got me this and I love it!)
 And despite the fact that we were supposed to be celebrating America, we bought a bunch of Mexican Coke.  Mostly I just think the big tall bottles are so fun and classic and think all Coke should come that way.  But Mexican Coke has real sugar, so that also makes it better in my mind if not actually in reality. Coke says Americana to me not matter what.
 And the boys sported their Flag T-Shirts from Nana (and Jimmy insisted on his Fireman boots).
What cute brothers.
Then we went up to Brophy and found a great place to watch the fireworks from Steele Indian School Park.  We just sat in the grass in front of the school and we barely even had to deal with any traffic.  Good to know for the future.
The fireworks were great and then both kids finally crashed on the 5 minute drive back to our house. 
A great day to celebrate our country!

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