Thursday, July 7, 2011


While I usually manage to kill everything we try to grow, our garden has actually yielded some fun carrots and peppers thanks to Zach.  
While they haven't been looking so great these past few weeks, we did manage to get some good ones this year before it got too hot.
Jimmy loves eating the carrots freshly picked.  
Just hose off the dirt and enjoy.
We never know quite when to pick our peppers, but we have gotten some nice big ones.
And, of course, we didn't plant this corn, but we have been eating a lot of it because it is so cheap and fresh this time of year.
Jimmy loves pulling off the husks and the corn silk.
Then I made it into a wig for him, which he of course thought was hilarious.
Yay, veggies!

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  1. Caitlin and I just admired your lovely garden. Looks delicious!